Artist Vision:  I moored the sailboat just offshore of a seemingly deserted island after a long two-day journey through the warm waters of the Bahamas, and proceeded by foot through the shallow water to come ashore.  I began looking for a clearing in the thick tropical foliage for a place to build a small overnight shelter, as the sun was getting low on the horizon.  After setting up a “good-enough” spot for the night, I was curious to see the rest of the island, so I started walking north along the warm beach.  As I rounded a bank of sand, I noticed the familiar scent of spices and herbs along with the faint waft of coconut, pineapple and rum.  A short walk across the clearing and around one more bank of pink tinted sand, I discovered a charming wooden shack with a rusty tin roof built right on the edge of the water.  Light smoke was drifting out over the water from the shack, with a sign that read, Seaside Bar & Grill.  With my heart racing and my mouth watering, I quickly walked up the wooden steps and across the small boardwalk to take a seat.   After an evening of incredible seafood and rum, I spent the next day sailing back up through the islands towards Nassau, and although I’ve tried many times since, I have never stumbled across that island again.

Artist Comments:  "Moments like this are so exciting.  The accidental discovery of new places, people and experiences, is a moment that can inspire stories that may be true, made-up, or a combination of sorts.  Maybe some of this actually happened, or maybe some of it didn’t."
       -Terrell Rene Theen

Seaside Bar & Grill

  • This artwork is a 8" X 8" gicleé print on high quality fine art paper, mounted with matte board ready to frame.

    Title: Seaside Bar & Grill

    Artist: Terrell René Theen

    Artwork Dimensions: 8" X 8"

    Dimensions with Matte Board:  12" X 12"

    Series:  Terrell René Theen Coastal "Bluewater Rendezvous"

    Limited Edition Original Print of 250

    Hand Signed with Signed Certificate of Authenticity

    High Quality Fine Art Paper

    Framed:  No

    Matted: Yes

    Delivery Time: 7-10 days