Artist Vision:
Soon after an evening of rowing the skiff along the turquoise shore of the secluded island, the setting sunlight bounced off the clouds above to create a beautiful warm ambience and pools of light falling from the evening sky.  The time has come to light the hanging lanterns, get comfortable on the hammock, and relax with a coconut aperitif, but only after I take my annual walk down the path and climb the lighthouse stairs to light the main torch for the night.

Artist Comments:
This scene was inspired by a recent trip to Nassau, Bahamas on an excursion that took us around the western tip of Paradise Island where I couldn’t take my eyes off the small secluded lighthouse that stands there.  Here, the lighthouse helps keep the mariners from getting lost in the narrow passage, and is attached to a cozy cottage with warp-around porch and small dock.  The hammock serves as the keepers daily down-time just before the lighting of the main torch.  Of course sipping a little rum and coconut right out of the coconut itself never prevented the lighting of the torch, so it has worked its way into the evening routine.  Although the island has small paths looping around its perimeter, the preferred method of getting around is with the small rowing skiff that easily gets through the shallow water and coral reefs.

    -Terrell René Theen

Paradise Island Lighthouse (40" X 30" on canvas)

  • This artwork is a 40" X 30" gicleé print on high quality canvas, ready to frame.

    Title: Paradise Island Lighthouse

    Artist: Terrell René Theen

    Artwork Dimensions: 40" wide X 30" high

    Artwork Thickness: 3/4"

    Series:  Terrell René Theen Coastal "Bluewater Rendezvous"

    Limited Edition Original Print of 250

    Hand Signed with Signed Certificate of Authenticity


    Framed:  No

    Matted: No

    Delivery Time: 10 -14 days