Artist Vision:  It was a cool, late spring afternoon when I was riding horseback through the forest and crossed into the Kingdom just west of my own.  The daylight had been taken by thick, heavy clouds making the forest trails very dark and eerie.  As I continued up the trail I could see a bright yellow glow piercing through the dense forest trees creating a feeling of warmth and goodness that almost filled the air with music while cutting the cool dark mist that had engulfed the entire kingdom.  My curiosity got the better of me knowing I was near the castle of the family who has feuded with my father for as long as I could remember, yet cautiously I continued in the direction of the enchanting light. As my white stallion and I reached the top of the trail I could see where the trail opened up into the light, and stopped close enough to see, but far enough to remain unseen.  I could see the light was actually pouring down from a single opening in the clouds above, and radiating out from a small courtyard filled with grass, surrounded by flowers of every color, and the most colorful trees I’ve ever seen.  In this one concentrated area, I could hear the water flowing from a small stream, birds singing, and a fire crackling and popping as if it were tempting me to come closer to warm my hands.  As my senses began to come back down, I heard a heavy wooden door close, and feather light footsteps on cool hard stone.  Descending a curved staircase was a beautiful girl with long flowing hair, and a long blue dress that dragged on the steps behind her.  I watched her sit down at the table in the center of the courtyard with a glass of wine.  Just then, my beloved stallion let out a long neighhhh..  Disclosing our presence to the girl, she put the wine glass down, and turned her head in our direction.  I thought about turning around and riding back down the trail as I didn’t know how she would respond, remembering the long history of conflicting families, but then she arose from her chair and cautiously crept towards us.  I decided to move closer so she could see us.  As our eyes met, the light seemed to get brighter, and much warmer.  She smiled, and I let out a sigh of relief.  She motioned for me to come over, so I hid my stallion behind the large outdoor fireplace to allow for a quick escape, and proceeded to have dinner with the princess.

Artist Comments:  Located in the French Alps near the border of Germany, this beautiful Gothic style castle sits nestled in the forest hills.  The garden sits on the edge of the backside of the castle up on the hill, just off the princesses own quarters, and is elevated 25 feet from the bottom of the tower to a courtyard below, giving the princess much needed privacy for her own garden escape.  The door at the top of the stairs, leads to a small spiral staircase inside, which goes down to three levels of her luxurious suite, with the top being an open air veranda that looks over the garden in the back, and over the castle grounds in the front.  The small light cutting through the clouds creates the perfect atmosphere for a romantic spontaneous dinner date.
          -Terrell René Theen

Found (40" X 30" on canvas)

  • This artwork is a 40" X 30" gicleé print on canvas, stretched and mounted canvas, ready to frame.

    Title: Found

    Artist: Terrell René Theen

    Artwork Dimensions: 40" wide X 30" high

    Artwork Thickness: 3/4"

    Series:  Terrell René Theen, The Renaissance Collection

    Limited Edition Original Print of 250

    Handed Signed with Signed Certificate of Authenticity

    High Quality Canvas

    Framed:  No

    Matted: No

    Delivery Time: 10 - 14 days