Artist Vision: 

I had just stoked the fire in the pit that sits in the center of the hill top gazebo to create warmth for the nights cool ocean air.  As I exited through the arch of Moon flowers that were just beginning to bloom on the dark side of the structure, I was sure I had seen the sail of a ship out of the corner of my eye.  I didn’t take a moment to look back since my mind was set on going down to the cottage for a couple bottles of wine, so as I continued down the small winding path along the cliff, when a sudden surge of sea gulls came racing around the palm trees, and as I looked back, an entire ship appeared from behind the cliff.  The opening in the trees, bright starkness of the sun-drenched rocky cliff against the cool, shaded foliage and the beautiful 18th century Privateer’s Ketch with its crew chanting as they head out to sea with the sun setting directly in their path made for an amazingly beautiful beginning to my evening.  I spent the next hour relaxing with my wine, warming my feet to the fire, and watching the Ketch slowly disappear on the horizon by the soft breeze while the sky turned colors.

Artist Comments: 

The gazebo is located on the highest point of this small island.  The rocky cliff protrudes from the small beach below and is just high enough to see over the tops of the tallest coconut palms.  This scene was created from a resting spot on the winding path that is over half way to the top.  As the path descends down the hill behind you, it ends at the decking surrounding a small seaside cottage.  Nestled among tall volcanic islands somewhere in the Eastern Caribbean, this area is popular among privateers looking to careen their ships, or hide from larger ships.  This 18th century Ketch is also popular among the privateers in this area due to their speed, agility and shallow hull.  I placed small lanterns at intervals along the path to help light the way to the top.  Sometimes you have to travel through darkness in order to reach the light, but if you continue to seek the light, you will end up in a better place.
            -Terrell René Theen

Evening Embark (30"X40" on canvas)

  • This artwork is a 30"X40" gicleé print on high quality canvas, ready to frame.

    Title: Evening Embark

    Artist: Terrell René Theen

    Artwork Dimensions: 30" wide X 40" high

    Canvas Thickness: 3/4"

    Series:  Terrell René Theen Coastal "Bluewater Rendezvous"

    Limited Edition Original Print of 250

    Hand Signed with Signed Certificate of Authenticity


    Framed:  No

    Matted: No

    Delivery Time: 10 - 14 days