Artist Vision:
Nestled in a patchwork of purple and yellow tropical flowers, the landing spot became a hidden jewel for getting away from the rest of the world.  The sounds of the ankle-high waves pattering on the soft, sandy shore, and the wings of the tree-hopping parrot gives you the peace of mind you’ve needed.  Slowly, the breeze fades out to a quiet still, reminding you of the small sailing skiff you arrived on, and forcing you into an unexpected but welcome extended stay.

Artist Comments:
“Barefoot Escape” is a dream get-away for those who just can’t seem to slow down.  Beginning as a quick escape, but forced into an unplanned island adventure by a dying wind.  If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, you’d know that all you can do is relax and wait for the next wind to kick up.  My vision for this scene was to create an opportunity for a one-person getaway, hidden in the lush tropical flowers of a small cove spilling into the open sea.  The arrival was by sail, with a 1933 New England Oyster Skiff.  This small wooden boat was popular on the East Coast and its ease of beaching and sailing in small shallow water made its use in the warm waters of the tropical islands a natural fit.  The lateen rigged sail hangs quietly in the windless setting, while the view from the blanket is framed with purple Bougainvillea and yellow Celosia making the color combination visually delightful.

    -Terrell Rene Theen

Barefoot Escape (18"X24" on canvas)

  • This artwork is a 18" X 24" gicleé print on high quality canvas, ready to frame.

    Title: Barefoot Escape

    Artist: Terrell René Theen

    Artwork Dimensions: 18" wide X 24" high

    Artwork Thickness:  3/4"

    Series:  Terrell René Theen Coastal "Bluewater Rendezvous"

    Limited Edition Original Print of 250

    Hand Signed with Signed Certificate of Authenticity


    Framed:  No

    Matted: No

    Delivery Time: 10 - 14 days