The Flagship of the Bluewater Rendezvous series of tropical island getaways.

“A Bluewater Rendezvous”

It’s so cool to announce my release of the Bluewater Rendezvous series to the public.  This is the vision that started it all, and I have just made it available to purchase.  This is an original print, limited edition of only 250.  Giclée on Canvas, at 24″ X 36″, hand signed and includes the certificate of authenticity.

The Name:    This is the first release of a large body of work within the “Bluewater Rendezvous” Series.  I actually named this scene, before I decided to create an entire series based around it.  If a series of art had a flagship, this would be it.

My Vision:    Arriving to the rendezvous point using the evenings slowing onshore breeze, we were able to open the cottage, start a fire in the pit and begin boiling the shrimp.  As the sun begins to set, the breeze slows, and the blue water calms for the evening, we are left only with the soft sounds of a gentle wave slapping the sand, a crackling fire in the cooling air and the parrots squawking in the trees.

My Thoughts:    I find myself coming back to this place whenever I need a moment away.  This scene celebrates the simple things in life, puts us in a place where no one can reach us, unless they know how to sail, and reminds us to slow down and enjoy the natural elements that surround us every day.  I designed this romantic hideaway using traditional Caribbean construction methods and decoration like the white barge-boards in the gables, the lattice and Caribbean style railings.  I placed the cottage out over the water so the Dutch Boeier sailboat and small row boat could be moored directly up against it allowing you to walk right onto the front porch. The front door faces the water, because that is the only way to access this hidden gem, since it is the only cottage on the entire island.  While creating this scene, I would imagine myself strolling along the shore past the hammock and sitting in the sand while the Blue Crabs dance side-to-side in the water.  I created a peninsula on the left with a soft white-sanded path that invites you to take your shoes off and go for a stroll around the perimeter of the island.  I hope you enjoy your time at this peaceful cottage as much as I do.

  -Terrell René Theen

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