Just Released..."Rum Runner Hideaway"

Terrell here…  Allow me to introduce the newest release of my “Bluewater Rendezvous” collection titled “Rum Runner Hideaway“.  The original size of this piece is 30″ X 40” on stretched canvas. 

Artist’s Vision:  After a long voyage from Barbados to drop off a shipment of rum in Nassau, the captain of the Jamaican Sloop “Rum Runner”, moors his ship in a shallow bay among the Bahamian islands where he frequents a secluded beach nestled between a sand dune and the tall coconut palms.  He brings a shore a few barrels of the Barbados rum that he kept for himself and builds a fire to provide warmth as the evening air begins to cool.

Artist’s Comments:  This location has “sit-back-and-relax” written all over it.  The Jamaican sloop “Rum Runner” is a ship that was built in 1726.  It’s a beautiful ship that measures about 65 feet in length, carries a gaff rig, and can sail quickly through shallow waters, perfect for maneuvering through the islands of the Caribbean.  In my eyes, the ship represents the hard work and accomplishments we have in our daily lives, and this reminder of our efforts makes the down-time even more rewarding.  I designed this secret beach with a small sand dune and an opening between the coconut palms that allows the only access.  This small dune is small enough to keep an eye out for other ships, but large enough to keep you out of sight.  As you walk over the dune, you come down into the quiet, tranquil beach where your bare feet sink into the sugary-soft pink sand of the Bahamas and you are surrounded by the pink and purple Bougainvillea, greeted by two giant Conch shells.

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