Augmented Reality Lighthouse Art

Since 2010 I've been creating all of my artwork digitally in 3D. Some people think I'm crazy because it takes too much time. Some wonder why I would painstakingly go through all that trouble.

I knew this day would be coming, and now as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have become so stable, I'm happy to show you one of the reasons why I create everything in 3D.

Here is my first augmented reality app that goes with my Thomas Point Shoal lighthouse print. When holding your mobile device up to the lighthouse print on the wall, the lighthouse will pull itself off the canvas and float out in front of you allowing you to see it in complete 3D and from every angle. Sound effects, music and animation are all included. Move your mobile device closer and see every detail, and go even closer to see inside the lighthouse. These photos are screen shots directly from my phone.

The app will come with each lighthouse print, available for Android and iOS.

Try doing that with a paintbrush!

Terrell René Theen Augmented Reality Artwork Lighthouse
Terrell René Theen brings augmented reality to his artwork.

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